Boxed Element Display

Boxed Elements

The basic element displays take an element and display it without further constraint. Maybe that is what you require. Maybe you are in control of your elements and can set their dimensions to work with the element display widget as you require.

On the other hand, perhaps you want to display a slider or gallery of elements and constrain the display size without having to think too much about the element or the size of the original, like you can when displaying a slider or gallery of images. For this, we have some Boxed variations of the element display widgets.

These display widgets use CSS scaling and cropping to provide similar scaling and cropping to the display widgets that work directly with images. Elements are rendered fully, then the rendered html is scaled and cropped to match the dimensions of the gallery or slider items.

Consider - this is just one intensive example of what you can do with Omni Gallery Elements

Example - Element Swiper Boxed

In our example below, the image source is a list of addon pages on this site. However, rather than displaying the thumbnails or screenshots for those pages, we are pulling the actual main area of the page using an element provided by Universal Content Puller, then scaling it to fit into the box for the Swiper display widget with a cube animation.

So we have a gallery of page previews using html taken from the actual pages rather than from images of the pages! 

(Have a look at any slide in your browser developer console and see - its all HTML. Compare this to the similar gallery of screenshots)