Version History

Before installing any of my addons, please make sure any of my addons already installed are up-to-date.


jl_search_plus_plus - v9.0.0

9.0.0 - Fully compatible with Concrete CMS version 9 while maintaining compatibility with version 8. Stemming library updated to v3.0.0. Consolidated styling of dashboard pages.

0.3.7 - Fix issue with searching beneath current page.

0.3.6 - Routing updated to use verb methods.

0.3.5 - Index Inspector utility added to dashboard pages. Use this to see what has been indexed.

0.3.4 - Fix exception when indexing arising from page types containing attribute displays

0.3.3 - New override controllers to support indexing of page content from Page Attribute Display and Tags blocks. Helper class provided by Search++ to support getSerachableContent(). Override controllers are provided in a bundled zip file and can be installed manually if required. See "A block type is not being indexed" under Problem Solving.

0.3.2 - Fix confused pagination after autocomplete results are cached.

0.3.1 - A few typos in help.

0.3.0 - Improved highlighter with better highlighting and faster processing. Version history and update status within dashboard Support page.  Check the dashboard Search Results settings page to ensure the new highlighter is configured.

0.2.16 - Fix conflict with Omni Gallery Vegas widget.

0.2.15 - Fix button alignment css in Firefox.

0.2.14 - Query block css more generic for theme headers. Adapt for old MySQL versions.

0.2.13 - Minor optimisation of cache key.

0.2.12 - Fix an embarrasingly simple foreach bug I introduced when refactoring cache data structures.

0.2.11 - Extended logging to autocomplete. Logging now gated by user/group. Cache option to set browser cache headers for autocomplete.

0.2.10 - Partial matches added. Further development of autocomplete

0.2.9 - Refactor cache, diagnostics, logging. Diagnostics now gated by user/group

0.2.8 - Autocomplete suggestions.

0.2.7 - Security settings to ignore form spam. Change location of dashboard pages. Uninstall previous versions before installing this version.

0.2.6 - Search caching. Cleanup of help information in dahsboard pages. Changes to pagination.

0.2.5 - Refactored highlighting and result text selection.

0.2.4 - Transliteration and inverse for extended character sets.

0.2.3 - Multilingual search. Support for extended character sets.

0.2.2 - Logging options and further search analysis diagnostics.

0.2.1 - Refactored dashboard pages.

0.2.0 - Refactored query builder. Minimum c5 core tested now v8.5.2.

0.1.13 - Strip non-alpha characters from search for compatibility with old MySQL installatioins.

0.1.12 - Formatting of time diagnostic. Minimum c5 core tested now v8.4.4.

0.1.11 - Legacy php compatibility bug fixed.

0.1.10 - Query optimisations.

0.1.9 - Acronym expansion. Unidirectional synonyms.

0.1.8 - Search speed diagnostic information.

0.1.7 - Configure results highlight colour.

0.1.6 - Default options configured on install.

0.1.5 - Option to not highlight stopwords.

0.1.4 - Extended configuration options in result block and dashboard. Exact phrase weighting.

0.1.2 - Expansion of scoring matrix to seperate weighting for name, description, content.

0.1.1 - Cutoff threshold in results.

0.1.0 - First development release. Fulltext search with three character words and synonyms.


Where we go with Search++ depends on the development users of Search++ sponsor.

Current items for consideration are:

  • Searching of attributes with extension of weighting mechanism.
  • Soundex / metaphone / Levenshtein matching.
  • Searching for files.
  • Searching for express entities.
  • Dedicated indexing systrem, filled from core search indexes.
  • Indexing from area/page render.
  • Indexing from ajax loop-back.
  • Ajax results view.
  • Word/term specific weighting
  • Age related weighting
  • Search weighting by proximity of page to top of site
  • No results stack or dedicated redirect
  • Integration with date and topics filter blocks.
  • Filtering by attributes to restrict scope of searches.
  • Granularity of scoring adjustable for synonyms.
  • Concrete5 event triggers at points of query resolution.
  • Enhanced weighting for specific pages or sitemap sections.
  • Configuration of stopwords.
  • Result list click tracking.
  • Result click biases future weighting.
  • Highlighting on destination pages from search results.
  • Highlight within transliteration in both directions.
  • Pull or extend synonyms from text file or from database table.
  • Detect connection type and configure autocomplete based on connection
  • Configure autocomplete based on breakpoints
  • Disable autocomplete on mobile
  • Adapt behaviour on repetition of suggestion in autocomplete