Accordion Icons This set of Magic Tabs is configured to always show as an accordion. To read about how it is done, please click to open the first accordion tab. Showing an Accordion Rendering a set of tabs as an accordion is governed by the edit dialog of the first Magic Tabs block in a set of tabs

Global Settings

Grid Theme Grid settings govern how theme grid elements are processed when rendering Magic Tabs. You may need to experiment with these settings if tabs (and particularly vertical tabs or accordions) are not laying out cleanly. Edit Block > Global Settings > Preserve theme grid wrapper on tab

Tabs and Layouts

tab addons Tabs and layouts both add extra structure to the DOM. That is why some less advanced tab addons dating back to concrete5.4 began with layouts and made each layout cell into a tab. Magic Tabs is more sophisticated than that and works by analyzing the DOM tree and injecting additional nodes to create the tabs.

No Tabs

no-tabs template is intended for use with the Magic Tabs Jump block to add buttons to navigate between tabs or with the Magic Tabs Autoplay block to automatically play through a set of tabs. With this template, you can set up 'tab sets' with transitions to play a slide show and not actually have any tab

Auto Play

Magic Tabs Auto Play You can add a Magic Tabs Auto Play block to automatically cycle through a set of Magic Tabs and together with transitions turn a set of Magic Tabs into a simple slide show or slider. So you can see it all happening, this page is built as a set of Magic Tabs with autoplay. To…

Splitting a Page List to an Accordion

Form block compatibility Forms to Magic Tabs works with the core Page List block and the following form blocks Page List - Form to Magic Tabs can also be used to split a page list into tabs! The documentation accordion on the right uses this. Express - the default Form block provided with concrete5.…

Version History

… of my addons, please make sure any of my addons already installed are up-to-date. Magic Tabs jl_magic_tabs - v7.9.2 <!--jl_magic_tabs - v7.9.2--> ConcreteCMS Marketplace v7.9.2 If you have problems after updating, please see Problems immediately after updating. This version of Magic Tabs


With anything except an exact match the core search block will fail to return any results. Unlike the core search block, Search++ can handle searching for all sorts of mixed up and partially matching queries to return a list of pages ranked by relevance. The navbar search input and all searches…

Developer Interfaces

tab set by coding new values into a custom template. Within the template, global settings can be overriden by $ch->set_global_param('parameter_key', 'new value'); The available keys are: tab_url : 'off'/'on' (string) auto_show : 0/1 (number) accordion_default_open : 0/1 (number) accordion_always_open : 0/1 (number) mobile_no_transitions : 0/1 (number) preserve_grid_box : 0/1 (number) wrap_with_grid_box : 0/1 (number) grid_classes_to_remove : 'list of class names' (string) exclusive_handlers : 0/1 (number) Config File Config Magic tabs uses a config file at application/config/generated_overrides/magic_tabs.php.

Problem Solving

Scripts in pulled content are not executing The most likely reason for scripts simply not executing is that they are sanitized out of the pulled content. Have a look at the Advanced tab Sanitize and Niceify section and make sure Sanitize output is set to none. Beyond that, further problems are…


Searching on this site uses Search++, a highly enhanced search system for concrete5.

Have a play, enter some multi-word searches that you know would be defeated by the core page search and see how they are handled by Search++.

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Search++ handles full phrases and individual words, stemming, synonyms, abbreviations and acronyms, building a ranked search to list the best matches.

We also have  a page showing a more direct comparison at Search Comparison.

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