Page and Page List image selectors

Page List Dynamic A page list image selector lists pages just like you would for any other page list, but rather than returning a list of pages the selector returns a list of images identified by attributes on those pages. Hence a page list image selector can list one image per page, a limited number of images per page or any number of images per page.


with page - no ajax Loading directly with the page, no AJAX, is the default setting for a very good reason. In many simple cases the AJAX overhead of placing a marker element in the page and the relevant JavaScript to then load the actual content is just as high an overhead as actually rendering…

Example - Page List

Page List We used a list of pages as an example in Example - SQL Data. However, in that example what we were really demonstrating was an SQL query. If you need an actual Page List, the example here is usually a far better way to achieve it. The example below is a list of Universal Content Puller pages, sorted alphabetically with a link to each page, the date added and the page

Problem Solving

… gallery styles. These are normally generated for each specific gallery block and injected into the page header as elements. If you would rather build such styling into a custom theme, output of Omni Gallery generated styles can be suppressed by selecting Suppress style output in the Advanced tab


With the right tools, it doesn't take long to have a web site up and running. Of course, there have been subsequent changes as I add more support pages for my addons, but hopefully you get the general idea and by using a CMS the updates are easy to stay on top off. When it does come to updates,…

Problem Solving and Version History

How do I set up help text? If you add a page attribute with the handle 'help_text', the content of that attribute will be used for the help message. Without the attribute, the page description will be used as help text. Help text is only shown to users with access to the dashboard toolbar, so will…

Simplifying Omni Gallery

… sets up the global default values for all Omni Gallery blocks. When a new Omni Gallery block is added to a page, it is pre-populated with the default values configured in the global settings. You can get an Omni Gallery block configured for a typical use on your site, then visit the Support tab

Getting started with elements

Data provision and mapping Data mapping is split into three sections. Basic Data - The $content provided from the content transform, the current $controller, the CMS $app and the CMS page object $page Universal Content Puller Data - More complex data and objects specific to how Universal Content…

Example - Responsive tables

… browser window and watch the table and list views toggle at 992px. Multiple breakpoints This trick isn't limited to 2 alternatives. You can play a similar trick to show up to 4 alternaives based on the 4 Bootstrap classes for visbility. This example shows the same table, but now with 3 breakpoints.

User and User List image selectors

Omni Gallery to the public profile page and configure it to use the Selected User Dynamic image source with no user selected and the three attributes checked. For display you could stick with our mugshot theme and use a thumbnail gallery display widget with 3 images in a row, that is essentially…


Searching on this site uses Search++, a highly enhanced search system for concrete5.

Have a play, enter some multi-word searches that you know would be defeated by the core page search and see how they are handled by Search++.

For example, the core search would find "Magic Tabs", but would return no results for any of:

Search++ handles full phrases and individual words, stemming, synonyms, abbreviations and acronyms, building a ranked search to list the best matches.

We also have  a page showing a more direct comparison at Search Comparison.

If you would like to add similar enhanced searching to your concrete5 site, please contact me and we can discuss your search requirements.