Simple Examples of Display Widgets

… simple and lightweight image slider, capable of displaying a single image or multiple images as a carousel. In this example it has been configured to show the same information as above, with the nice touch of responsive breakpoints so it toggles between showing 1 and 3 images depending on page

Getting Started

Dasboard pages at Dashboard > Stacks & Blocks > Omni Gallery The dashboard pages provide: A list of installed Omni Gallery plugins, where you can review and enable/disable plugins, their documentation and, if required, set permissions on individual plugin usage. A global settings page

Getting Started

… which also has table output capabilities. Most recent blog content. Suppose you want a blog list page to be prepended with the some actual content from the most recent post. This is an ideal application for the Child Area Content Source. A blog list page would usually be implemented using a Page

Example - List Picker

… 4 5 Next → [ { "name": "content_source_plugin", "value": "URL" }, { "name": "ucp_cs_u_r_l_ucp_cs_source_url", "value": "" }, { "name": "ucp_cs_u_r_l_ucp_cs_source_cache_enable", "value": "on" }, { "name": "ucp_cs_u_r_l_ucp_cs_source_cache_duration",…

Two Columns

page uses the Frontend Dashboard Two Columns page template. This is split into a pair of equal width columns. Compare what you get on the left with what you don't get on the right. .ccm-ui .area-fedb-responsive .breadcrumb, .ccm-ui .fedb-area-main .breadcrumb{ background-color: transparent; } What you get Dashboard Integration Pages

Example - From other sites

After pulling the content using the URL content source, we have options for working with that HTML. You could just use the Pass Through content transform, but that could get messy as it would also pass through all the page headers and boilerplate for the source. In practice, you need to be a little…

Universal Content Puller

Dasboard pages at Dashboard > Stacks & Blocks > Universal Content Puller Universal Content Puller XX Sources jl_universal_content_puller_xx_sources - v9.0 <!--jl_universal_content_puller_xx_sources - v9.0--> Sources extension for Universal Content Puller. The sources in this extension…

Full Page Background with Vegas

Full Page Background with Vegas The Vegas display widget creates a background image slider, placing a background behind everything on the page - as here, or behind a specified element such as an area or block. With most themes, you will also need to either modify the theme to provide a transpartent…

Omni Gallery

Dasboard pages at Dashboard > Stacks & Blocks > Omni Gallery Extension Omni Gallery is designed for extension. Image selectors, display widgets and lightbox overlays follow a pluggable and extensible architecture for easy integration of further selctors, displays and lightboxes from within…

Showing Massive Galleries

When viewing the lightbox, it is configured to continue through pagination. If you have a massive set of images already imported into the concrete5 file manager, a similar gallery can be configured using the fileset infinite dynamic or folder infinite dynamic image selectors. A unique capability…


Searching on this site uses Search++, a highly enhanced search system for concrete5.

Have a play, enter some multi-word searches that you know would be defeated by the core page search and see how they are handled by Search++.

For example, the core search would find "Magic Tabs", but would return no results for any of:

Search++ handles full phrases and individual words, stemming, synonyms, abbreviations and acronyms, building a ranked search to list the best matches.

We also have  a page showing a more direct comparison at Search Comparison.

If you would like to add similar enhanced searching to your concrete5 site, please contact me and we can discuss your search requirements.