Problem Solving

Javascript in another addon doesn't respond correctly when Syntax Anywhere is active on the page The main way Syntax Anywhere can mess with JavaScript in another block is when you use the [code]...[/code] method of specifying syntax areas. Behind the scenes, Syntax Anywhere does some rewriting…

Plugin System

… more advanced packages use a sophisticated plugin mechanism for easy expansion, both within the package and across packages. If you are already a user of my packages, you may already have met this documentation system in the 'plugins' dashboard pages such packages provide. Built in Documentation…

Hero Sliders

Pages Marketplace Omni Gallery Omni Gallery for Community Store Omni Gallery Elements Getting Started Simplifying Omni Gallery Image Selectors Display Widgets Lightbox Overlays Simple Examples of Display Widgets Showing Massive Galleries Image Backgrounds and Borders Swiper Variations Full Page Background with Vegas Background instead of overlay Hero Sliders User and User List image selectors Page and Page

Content Sources

UCP includes built in recursion protection and will report when recursion is detected. Nevertheless, if you try hard you may be able to create a convoluted loop of recursion that UCP cannot detect and that will subsequently lead to a broken page. If that happens, you may Revert the page version…

Problem Solving

Stemming will try to configure Snowball for the currently active language. If the stemming library does not have an option for the currently active language, a default language set in the Full Text Options dashboard page will be applied when words are stemmed. On install, the default is English.…

Example - Common Sidebar

If the sidebar includes context dependant blocks such as a Page Title, Autonav, Page List or Attribute Display, you need to decide what context thos blocks are rendered in. In the context of where they are pulled from, or the page that is pulling them. You can make the choice in a pair of radio…

Product and Product List image selectors

… specified product By product groups By brand/manufacturer By location in the site Featured products Sale products Getting Started with Selected Product and Product List image selectors This site doesn't have a store. Instead we have a demonstration of adding a related product carousel to a product page

Chart Design

Then copy your list of colours and in the chart edit tab use the column paste control to import the list to the chart. The import processing can parse and extract colours from pretty much any export format from the online tools including fragments of HTML, SVG, CSS, LESS, SASS or just a plain text…

Example - Protecting contact details

Stack by AJAX To help protect contact details from spammers and automated harvesters, they can be added to a stack and the stack then added to a page using Universal Content Puller. Bots won't click to view the stack, so won't see the contact details. Here the content source is a Stack - a stack…

Example - Data Picker

Rather than go straight to the display, it is again useful to first have a quick look at the data available using the Serialize content display or the Preview button on the display tab to review the incoming data to the display. This is generally a useful intermediary stage when viewing complex…


Searching on this site uses Search++, a highly enhanced search system for concrete5.

Have a play, enter some multi-word searches that you know would be defeated by the core page search and see how they are handled by Search++.

For example, the core search would find "Magic Tabs", but would return no results for any of:

Search++ handles full phrases and individual words, stemming, synonyms, abbreviations and acronyms, building a ranked search to list the best matches.

We also have  a page showing a more direct comparison at Search Comparison.

If you would like to add similar enhanced searching to your concrete5 site, please contact me and we can discuss your search requirements.