Universal Content Puller XX Sources

A Content Sources extension for Universal Content Puller. XX because these sources are the kind of source you may not want to let just anyone loose with, hence a separate package so they don't have to be installed with less sensitive sources. Universal Content Puller XX Sources is a Content Sources extension for Universal Content Puller. The sources in this extension are XX because they are…

Universal Content Puller

mode and recursion markers Once installed, you will have: A Universal Content Puller block in the Basic block group. Dasboard pages at Dashboard > Stacks & Blocks > Universal Content Puller Universal Content Puller can pull content from a range of Content Sources, transform that pulled content using a range of Content Transforms, then display the transformed content using a range of Content

Universal Content Importer

content pulled from any site. Use Universal Content Puller from the dashboard to import pages and files from any site, creating corresponding pages within the concrete5 site, adding blocks to those pages for the pulled content. Where blocks cannot be fully added, provides a comprehensive notification and review system to facilitate manual addition of that last little bit. Universal Content Importer is a dashboard utility that utilises Universal Content Puller to pull content

Version History

Universal Content Puller Universal Content Puller XX Sources Always update Universal Content Puller before updating any other Universal Content Puller components. Before installing any of my addons, please make sure any of my addons already installed are up-to-date. 8.0.4 - 'with Form' extended to handle page and user attributes. 8.0.3 - Site Database with Form and Any Database with Form content

Dashboard Pages

Dashboard pages to view installed plugins and their documentation, and to set global defaults for the Universal Content Puller block. Plugins UCP is built arround a pluggable architecture. The plugins page provides a list of installed plugins for Content Sources, Transforms and Display with built in documentation. Visiting this page rescans for plugins, so can be used to facilitate adding…

Getting Started

Getting started with Universal Content Puller This Example The above notes Parent Area for Common Sidebars are pulled from the page Example - Common Sidebar using UCP source Page Area with a Selector transform to remove classes and Plain display. Read in more detail... The above notes CSV as a Table are pulled from the page Example - CSV Data using UCP source Page Area with a Selector transform…

Example - Page List

Generate a page list and display it with Universal Content Puller Page List We used a list of pages as an example in Example - SQL Data. However, in that example what we were really demonstrating was an SQL query. If you need an actual Page List, the example here is usually a far better way to achieve it. The example below is a list of Universal Content Puller pages, sorted alphabetically…

Content Transforms

Content transforms accept content from a source and provide it to a display, transforming it on the way. Universal Content Puller. Content Transform Plugins. Content Transform Plugins are used to modify or transform content between source and display. Array Hacker. Manipulate array data. Facilitates slicing, transposing and flattening array data from any source that provides content as an array. Accepts content

Content Sources

Content Sources are pluggable to pull content from a wide range of sources. Universal Content Puller. Content Source Plugins. Content Source Plugins connect Universal Content Puller to content sources. Child Area. Pull an area from a child page. For the current page or a selected page, find the nth child and pull the selected area from that page. Provides content as a string. Child pages…

Notes for c5.6 Users

Universal Content Puller, here are a few key differences. If you were a user of the legacy concrete5.6 version of Universal Content Puller in the Legacy Marketplace (now closed), this implementation for the latest concrete5 is a complete redevelopment that also incorporates aspects of the legacy Blocks By AJAX. This version of UCP has a new clean workflow of Source->Transform->Display->[Cache]->View.


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