Magic Tabs

Magic Tabs are so easy to use, you can get started by simply adding Magic Tabs blocks onto a page where you want to start each tab. … Magic Tabs jl_magic_tabs - v7.2.8 Organise content and any other blocks or stacks into tabs and accordions. Create transitions between tabs. Block Types Form to Magic Tabs Auto Play Magic Tabs Jump to Magic Tab End Magic Tabs Magic Tabs Block Type Sets Magic Tabs

Form to Magic Tabs block details

tabs or an accordion, you probably don't want to enable pagination within the page list. If you want to split all elements of a form or all items in a page list into tabs, select the "Make all form sections into tabs" option. Setup Forms to Magic Tabs Add a Form bock and surround it with Magic Tabs and Magic Tabs

Developing Tab Templates

tabs using nth child rules or odd/even rules. To facilitate styling individual tab controls, each Magic Tabs control is assigned an incrementing class .jl_magic_tabs_ix_1, .jl_magic_tabs_ix_2, .jl_magic_tabs_ix_3, etc.. The corresponding tab bodies are assigned classes .jl_magic_tabs_ix_1_body, .jl_magic_tabs_ix_2_body, .jl_magic_tabs_ix_3_body,…

Splitting a Form into Tabs

tabs If all you want to do is break a form into tabs, the simplest structure of blocks on the page is: Magic Tabs block Form to Magic Tabs block The actual Form block, such as an Express Form block or Legacy Form block Magic Tabs End Nested form tabs within other tabs You could modify the previous structure to nest a tabbed form within another set of tabs.

No Tabs

No-Tabs A snippet of CSS has been added to the page to equal the height of the tab bodies and hence prevent the page footer jagging up and down during transitions. .jl_magic_tabs_divider.jl_magic_tabs_main_s1{ min-height:400px; } .jl_magic_tabs_divider.jl_magic_tabs_main_s1{ min-height:400px; } You are watching a Magic Tabs no-tabs

Tabs and Layouts

tab addons dating back to concrete5.4 began with layouts and made each layout cell into a tab. Magic Tabs is more sophisticated than that and works by analyzing the DOM tree and injecting additional nodes to create the tabs. If you are used to the complexities of layout based tabs addons, Magic Tabs

Jump and Linking to Specific Tabs

You can insert a link tag with the class 'jl_magic_tabs_link_to_tab' that will simply open a Magic Tab within the current page. For example, you can code a link to open the tab about Jump to a Magic Tab within this page using: Magic Tabs Jump If you click the link Magic Tabs Jump , the tab will…

Tabs and AJAX

Magic Tabs listens out for AJAX loaded tab sets and sets them running, as described in the first tab of this page. Loading tab content Interaction in tabs Loading tab sets AJAX loading tab sets Magic Tabs can be used with AJAX capable loaders such as Universal Content Puller. If you have a tab set in a page area or stack and AJAX load that page area or stack, Magic Tabs will render the tab


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