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Magic Tabs

…tab? Just insert Magic Tabs between any other blocks and your page will magically split into tabs or accordions. Magic Tabs is so simple, yet offers so much more: Any block or combination of blocks within a tab…

Form to Magic Tabs block details

Tips and Limitations Form to Magic Tabs can in theory split any form created with these form blocks into a set of tabs. However, it is usually best to design a form with tabs in mind. If a form already includes fields that are revealed in response to previous fields, consider how such revealing will interact with tabs

Splitting a Form into Tabs

tabs If all you want to do is break a form into tabs, the simplest structure of blocks on the page is: Magic Tabs block Form to Magic Tabs block The actual Form block, such as an Express Form block or Legacy Form block Magic Tabs End Nested form tabs within other tabs You could modify the previous structure to nest a tabbed form within another set of tabs

No Tabs

tabs template is intended for use with the Magic Tabs Jump block to add buttons to navigate between tabs or with the Magic Tabs Autoplay block to automatically play through a set of tabs

Package Magic

Package Magic is a suite of tools for site owners and developers who use packages. Magic is installed, you can forget about the inconvenience of using your development system file manager and zip tools, the CLI, and FTP or SSH to generate and deploy packages…

Package Magic - Extending with Plugins

Magic Plugins The Package Magic Plugins dashboard page provides a single place to review which plugins are installed, read the built in documentation, link to support on and enable/disable plugins…

Tabs and Layouts

Magic Tabs is more sophisticated than that and works by analyzing the DOM tree and injecting additional nodes to create the tabs. If you are used to the complexities of layout based tabs addons, Magic Tabs is a lot easier…

Jump and Linking to Specific Tabs

Linking to Tabs on Another Page When linking to a Magic Tabs page from another page, you can append a URL parameter tab=tab_identity to the url in any link to the page. If you don't already know it, you can easily see the full URL by enabling tab history in the advanced tab settings for the opening Magic Tabs block on the page you are linking to…

Application Note - Using Package Magic to deploy Community Store

All of that is greatly simplified using the full version of Package Magic. Having installed Package Magic Starter and Package Magic from the marketplace, go to Dashboard > Extend > Upload Package…

Tabs and AJAX

Also, take care when adding Magic Tabs blocks after a layout that they are located in the parent area and not accidentally dropped into a layout cell. If you drop Magic Tabs block into a layout cell by mistake, it won't work as expected…


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