Developing Tab Templates

tabs using nth child rules or odd/even rules. To facilitate styling individual tab controls, each Magic Tabs control is assigned an incrementing class .jl_magic_tabs_ix_1, .jl_magic_tabs_ix_2, .jl_magic_tabs_ix_3, etc.. The corresponding tab bodies are assigned classes .jl_magic_tabs_ix_1_body, .jl_magic_tabs_ix_2_body, .jl_magic_tabs_ix_3_body,…

Splitting a Page List to an Accordion

tab-ify any regular structure). This is set up in a stack and then pulled into every Magic Tabs documentation page. … Setup using Forms to Magic Tabs Add a Page List bock and surround it with Magic Tabs and Magic Tabs End blocks. … In the Magic Tabs block set the Accordion responsive threshold to a high number to force an accordion.

Magic Tabs

tabs Vertical tabs Accordions Responsive threshold, render as an accordion Animated transitions for tabs and accordions Icons in tab headings Automated tab headings Back button history Easy links to tabs from on page or off page Contextual links to tabs, First, Last, Previous, Next Split Forms and Page Lists into tabs Automated player, create automated slide shows and sliders out of tabs No Tabs - tabs without tab

Form to Magic Tabs block details

tabs or an accordion, you probably don't want to enable pagination within the page list. If you want to split all elements of a form or all items in a page list into tabs, select the "Make all form sections into tabs" option. Setup Forms to Magic Tabs Add a Form bock and surround it with Magic Tabs and Magic Tabs


For example, the core search would find "Magic Tabs", but would return no results (other than this page) for any of: ''Tab Magic" "Tabs Accordion JohntheFish" "MT" "How to split a page into tabs" Search++ handles full phrases and individual words, partial matches, stemming, synonyms, abbreviations,…

Package Magic - Prohibited Code Check Plugin Documentation

… mysql_field_table, mysql_field_type, mysql_free_result, mysql_get_client_info, mysql_get_host_info, mysql_get_proto_info, mysql_get_server_info, mysql_info, mysql_insert_id, mysql_list_dbs, mysql_list_fields, mysql_list_processes, mysql_list_tables, mysql_num_fields, mysql_num_rows, mysql_pconnect, mysql_ping, mysql_query, mysql_real_escape_string, mysql_result, mysql_select_db, mysql_set_charset, mysql_stat, mysql_tablename, mysql_thread_id, mysql_unbuffered_query, mysqli_bind_param, mysqli_bind_result, mysqli_client_encoding, mysqli_connect, mysqli_disable_reads_from_master, mysqli_disable_rpl_parse, mysqli_driver, mysqli_enable_reads_from_master, mysqli_enable_rpl_parse, mysqli_escape_string, mysqli_execute, mysqli_fetch, mysqli_get_cache_stats, mysqli_get_metadata, mysqli_master_query, mysqli_param_count, mysqli_report, mysqli_result, mysqli_rpl_parse_enabled, mysqli_rpl_probe, mysqli_send_long_data, mysqli_set_opt, mysqli_slave_query, mysqli_sql_exception, mysqli_stmt, mysqli_warning Package Magic.

Package Magic

… Loaded from or saved to the concrete5 file manager, Loaded from or saved to a local repository directory organised by package and version number, Direct from the concrete5 PRB (for PRB members only) The functionality of Package Magic is broadly split into tool areas: Package Magic jl_package_magic

Package Magic - Extending with Plugins

Magic Plugins The Package Magic Plugins dashboard page provides a single place to review which plugins are installed, read the built in documentation, link to support on and enable/disable plugins. If you find the plethora of sources, destinations and tools is more than you need or use, you can disable those you don’t want and they wont show in the other Package Magic

Package Magic - Build Tool Plugin Documentation

Magic. … Package Magic can applly a range of tools provided by Build Tool plugins. … Dashboard > Extend concrete5 > Package Tools To help you prepare packages for download, Package Magic provides a suite of tools to help build and validate packages. … Package Magic

Application Note - Using Package Magic to deploy Community Store

All of that is greatly simplified using the full version of Package Magic. Having installed Package Magic Starter and Package Magic from the marketplace, go to Dashboard > Extend > Upload Package. … Under Dashboard > Extend > Package Tools you could use package magic tools to…


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