Primary Theme Info

Primary Theme Info

With v1.9.2 of Frontend Dashboard, the Primary Theme Info block is provided for inserting information and examples from the main site theme. Here, the main site theme is Elemental, so the examples below show information about the Elemental theme.

Each template for the Primary Theme Info block shows specific information about the site theme. These templates will work cleanly for most Bootstrap3/Elemental derived themes and Bootstrap5/Atomik/Bedrock derived themes. For highly modified themes and for other theme frameworks, some modification may be necessary. Details are provided as comments in the templates.

Container Check

For Concrete v9, the Container Check block template integrates with the Container Check addon to provide container information within a Frontend Dashboard page. We can't demonstrate that here because this is a v8 site and there are no containers!

Elemental [elemental] - basic typography

Elemental [elemental] - styles for rich text editor

Last Updated: 5 months ago