Right Sidebar

Right Sidebar

A right sidebar template for the Frontend Dashboard theme.

Page Templates

Frontend Dashboard is a theme that replicates the styling of the concrete5 Dashboard pages. Page templates provided are:

Blocks and Block Templates

To help you make navigation look like it does in the actual dashboard, the Frontend Dashboard theme comes with a custom Dashboard Button block type for creating buttons with icons that link to other pages or URLs. You can see that block type in use in the footer of this page to provide Exit and Next buttons.

Also provided are templates to help you make navigation look like it does on dashboard pages. Templates are provided for:

Templates for each of these block types provide bootrap button-dropdown navigation styled as a default button labelled Menu and a hamburger button styled as primary.

Where you need to show a list of all Frontend Dashboard pages, this is conveniently provided by the Dashboard Pages block. See 'Dashboard Page' below for details.

As well as some customised navigation, the other thing you see on many dashboard pages are alerts. Alerts help draw your attention to specific information, provide instructions and notify problems. Frontend Dashboard provides templates for the core content block for:

  • All categories of bootstrap alerts
  • Dismissable alerts - click the 'X' and it's closed
  • Wells
  • Panels

This section is a dismissable 'danger' alert. Click the 'X' and this section will be dismissed.

Dashboard Page

Frontend Dashboard adds a dashboard page as a quck index to all Frontend Dashboard pages. The index can be toggled between two views:

  • By Parent

    Frontend Dashboard pages are grouped according to their parent page. Each page is listed once.

  • By Tag

    Frontend Dashboard pages are grouped according to their tags. Each page can be listed multiple times, once for each tag.

You can also install this list onto any Frontend Dashboard page using the Dashboard Pages block, with a default template to View by Parent and an alternate template to View by Tag.

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Above is a Menu Dropdown button template for an autonav.

This note uses an 'information' alert template for the content block. Unlike the 'danger' alert in the main part of this page, the alert here is not dismissable.

A Well

This note uses the 'well' template for the content block.

The other demonstration pages illustrate all of the Frontend Dashboard page templates and many of the custom block templates.

Frontend Dashboard is not your usual theme. It provides many features you won't find in more mainstream themes. And, within its remit, some of the features of mainstream themes are irrelevant to Frontend Dashboard.

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