Frontend Dashboard

Frontend Dashboard

Devices_600.jpgFrontend Dashboard is a theme that replicates the styling of the concrete5 Dashboard pages. 

Use Frontend Dashboard to style pages of information for site editors and administrators. Anything from management information to a built in user guide can be better expressed when visually associated with the dashboard rather than the primary theme of your site.

For most sites, you will want to use page permissions to ensure only site editors and administrators can view frontend dashboard pages.

Some ideas for using Frontend Dashboard:

  • Create an in-site user guide for your site editors and adminsitrators
  • Add project management information such as calendars
  • Add conversation blocks or a forum addon as an administrators and editors discussion area
  • Add a chat block addon as an administrators and editors chat area
  • Let editors and administrators add or extend frontend dashboard pages to document and share what they have been doing
  • Create forms for editors and administrators to submit. For example, weekly reports, timesheets.
  • Have a site editors and administrators blog
  • A team-building resource for your site editors and administrators

To help you make navigation look like it does in the actual dashboard, the Frontend Dashboard theme comes with custom templates for navigation blocks and a custom block type to add navigation buttons just like you would see on concrete5 dashboard pages. It also installs a real dashboard page that indexes all Frontend Dashboard pages.

This page uses the Frontend Dashboard Full Width page template.

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