Right Sidebar 5

Right Sidebar 5

A variation of the right sidebar template for the Frontend Dashboard theme with a 7:5 split.

Navigation Buttons

Build dropdown navigation menus usuing the core Core Autonav block, Manual Nav and Nestable Manual Nav, so you can build button dropdown navigation customized for your Frontend Dashboard project. An autonav within just this theme's pages is already used to the top right. Have a look through these further examples. 

The Dashboard Buttons block is used for all the individual navigation buttons through this theme demostration. You have already been following some examples in the navigation bar below. Frontend Dashboard provides all the usual bootstrap styling and sizes, with an optional icon left or right of the text. Buttons can link to pages or URLs.

XS Small Default Large

For more sophisticated navigation buttons, Frontend Dashboard is fully compatible with my Button Nav addon. 

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Static Footer

All Frontend Dashboard page templates support a static footer, just like the dashboard does. This is not always static during editing, sometimes areas need to be rendered inline simply so they can be edited.

The footer is split into 2 areas, Frontend Dashboard Footer Left and Frontend Dashboard Footer Right. If both areas are empty, the footer is not shown. These areas are designed to work best with simple link buttons using the Dashoard Buttons block. Outside of edit mode these buttons are lined up left and right. If you have a creative need, you can also add small amounts of content or html to the footer areas. Nevertheless, beware that because the footer is static, if you put too much in it the footer will either spread out of the viewport or climb up so high as to render other parts of the page unusuable.