Example - Concrete CMS Market Share

In this example we have a table of CMS market share puiled from w3techs . 

From that data, we extract a table. It is actually a bit more complex than that. The HTML on the site has missing end tags in the table of data and there are nested tables. So in a pipeline transform we first select just outside of the table we want, then repair the HTML and then extract the table data.

As a chart

To show the data as a chart using Universal Content Puller Charts we now add a Value Replace transform to replace '<' and '%' in the values to turn them into numbers we can use. We also filter it to just a few CMS systems using an SQL Extract transform - a chart with 140 lines will plot, but would be unreadable.

The vertical scale is set to logarithmic so we can see it all in one chart.


View settings

Click on the key above to disable/enable specific items.

To see the details you can use View settings to copy the JSON and then Import it into UCP on your own site.

Source Data

To see the full data as a table, visit w3techs

If you would like to see any other listed CMS in the chart, contact me and I can add a few more, but not too many because the part of the exercise was to de-clutter the chart.

Additional Pages

About this Sidebar

Creating a sidebar for a group of pages without messing about with stacks is an easy use-case for Universal Content Puller.

This sidebar is edited once, within the main addon page for Universal Content Puller.

It is then pulled into all UCP sub-pages using a UCP block.

The Content Source is Parent Page, set to pull the Sidebar area from 2 pages from the top. The Content Transform is Selector, set to remove container and row classes that, when unnecessarily nested, could mess up the Bootstrap grid. The Content Display is Plain, which just outputs the transformed text.

In the advanced settings, sanitization is disabled as we trust the source page and don't want to strip out any formatting or functionality from the pulled sidebar.