Example - Complex Charts

Displaying more complex tabular data as charts


For some more complex data that doesn't fit into our basic charts, we have another file from the free CSV samples. This file provides tree measurements, with for each tree measured the girth (in), height (ft), volume (ft3).

Here are the first few records from the file as a table, There are 31 records in total.

Girth (in) 8.3 8.6 8.8 10.5 10.7 10.8 11.0 11.0
Height (ft) 70 65 63 72 81 83 66 75
Volume(ft^3) 10.3 10.3 10.2 16.4 18.8 19.7 15.6 18.2
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Bubble Chart

For each tree, we have 3 measurements. Using a bubble chart we can plot Girth against Height and use a bubble to show the Volume.

As these are tree measurements, the bubbles are coloured brown and green. The fill is transparent so overlapping bubbles can be seen.

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More Charts

Rather than looking at charts individually, here are some other pages with full content pulling examples including charts.

Additional Pages

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