Package Magic

Package Magic is a suite of tools for site owners and developers who use packages. Once Package Magic is installed, you can forget about the inconvenience of using your development system file manager and zip tools, the CLI, and FTP or SSH to generate and deploy packages. Package Magic enables you to do everything from the dashboard.

Package Magic brings convenience and speed to zipping new versions of your packages and deploying them to your websites or the ConcreteCMS marketplace.  If you save 10 or 15 minutes for each package update, those minutes soon add up to hours or even days saved when put into the context of a large web site development project

With a few clicks from the dashbaord you can:

  • Zip up packages ready for distribution.
  • Upload and install package zip archives.
  • Copy packages between sites.
  • Run a suite of package build, validation and management tools.
  • Maintain a private repository of packages.

Once Package Magic is installed, you can forget about the inconvenience of using your development system file manager and zip tools, the CLI, FTP or SSH to generate and deploy packages.

If you develop concrete5 packages for your customer projects or for the marketplace, Package Magic can save you a lot of time. Even if you are a command line guru, Package Magic will still save you time on every project.

Troubled by operating system files, .dot files, Thumbs.db, IDE or composer configuration and hidden directories getting zipped up with your packages? Package Magic creates clean zip files without any of the crud. From third party packages, it can detect unwanted files and clean them out before installing.

You have full control over what does and doesn’t get included in a package archive or extracted from a package archive by simple checkbox and file path-matching rules.

Package archives can be:

  • Directly uploaded/downloaded,
  • Loaded from or saved to a file,
  • Loaded from a URL,
  • Loaded from or saved to FTP/SFTP,
  • Loaded from a GitHub repository, 
  • Loaded from or saved to the dashboard file manager,
  • Loaded from or saved to a local repository directory organised by package and version number,
  • Direct from the Marketplace PRB (for PRB members only)

To help you prepare packages for download, Package Magic provides a suite of Package Build Tools including dashboard equivalents to the CLI tools for translation, short tags expansion and SVG icon compilation. Amongst other tools Package Magic can report where blocks and block templates are used, check for Deprecated Code, check JavaScript and CSS for errors, compile LESS and even increment the version in the package controller with a comment noting when and who by.

The functionality of Package Magic is broadly split into tool areas:

Package Magic

jl_package_magic - v1.9.3 - resources v9.0.2

Generate, check, upload, install and manage package zip files from your site dashboard.

Block Types Single Pages
  • Download Package /dashboard/​extend/​download Generate a package zip archive and download it.
  • Package Tools /dashboard/​extend/​build A colection of tools to help build parts of a package including translation files and icons.
  • Package Magic Plugins /dashboard/​extend/​plugin_list Plugins provide interfaces to package sources and destinations.

Package Magic Starter

jl_package_magic_starter - v1.9.3 - resources v9.0.2

Upload, validate and install packages. Package Magic Starter also provides a foundation for the full version of Package Magic. The full version of Package Magic provides a comprehensive toolset for managing package building, validation, creation and deployment.

Single Pages
  • Upload Package /dashboard/​extend/​upload Upload a package zip archive.

Package Magic PRB

jl_package_magic_prb - v1.9.0

Integrate a PRB source for packages to Package Magic. This source is only relevant to current PRB members. List PRB submissions and install them directly to your PRB test site. You will be required to copy two ConcreteCMS cookies from your browser developer console. These will saved encrypted.