Conditional Redirect

A Conditional Redirect page attribute checks a condition and redirects to another page if the condition is / is not met.

Requires php7.2+

Some use cases

  • A/B testing - redirect to content A or content B based on location, ip address, date, time, random number.
  • Browser specific content - redirect based on user agent.
  • Time related content - see Example AM page and Example PM page.
  • Regional content - redirect based on continent, country, state.
  • User selected content - condition based on a user attribute.
  • Weak permissive content (see example below, not a substitute for permissions).

The Conditional Redirect attribute is a general purpose solution that can be configured for all of the above and more. I am sure users will come up with many more creative applications.

Redirect headers can be configurable as 301 or 302.


A further option is to Remember staying on the page for the duration of a user's session. This can be useful for A/B testing so a visitor sees a consistent A page or a consistent B page.

Where a page is shown depending on a user entering a query string parameter, such as in weak permissive content, Remember staying on the page can also be used to improve the user experience so they don't need to add the query string every time they want to re-visit the page.


The Super Admin is always exempt from redirects. Other users exempt from redirects are configurable as:

  • None
  • Any registered user
  • Any user who views the page with the dashboard bar (editors, administrators)


In the example below, a Conditional Redirect attribute is configured to redirect to the about page if the URL does not provide the query parameter lock containing bbb.

  • will show the page.
  • will redirect to the about page.
  • will show the page.
  • will redirect to the about page.

More complex compound conditions involving AND / OR logic can be configured.

A configuration such as this can provide a weak form of permission for site visitors. Only those who know the required URL can actually visit the page.

Conditional Redirect Attribute

jl_conditional_redirect - v0.9.7

A conditional redirect attribute checks a condition and redirects to another page if the condition is / is not met.

Attribute Keys
  • Conditional Redirect
Attribute Types
Conditional Redirect Collection
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Additional Pages

Conditional Redirect in not a substitute for page permission. If you need genuine security, require users to register and login and use page permission to determine what pages they can see.