Streamline your image workflow

Snapshot provides a suite of device/browser tools for capturing images, from webcams, from screengrabs and by drag and drop. These tools can be attached to buttons in the dashboard toolbar, for example, for use by Administrators. Each tool is also available through an associated block for use on your site pages by any user with permission.

Snapshot tools can be inserted into the dashboard bar, added with blocks, or used in a Form Reform form. Captured images can be edited, annotated and imported directly into the Concrete CMS File Manager.

  Use a device camera or attached Webcam to snap images.
  Capture Screengrabs from the web page or any screen or window.
  Drag and drop uploader for files and images (many enhancements over core uploader).


Snapshot tools also integrate with Form Reform to provide associated input controls within a form.

With an image captured, you can then add a title and description and even edit or annotate the image itself before uploading to the File Manager.

Flexible uploading rules provide complete control of how files are named and which folders and filesets they are uploaded to. Each upload can be a new file or replace an existing file.

For example, the screengrab here was captured with the Snapshot Screengrab tool as this content was being edited!

For each image capture tool Snapshot provides:

  • A dashboard toolbar button that is configured through an associated dashboard page.
  • A block to add a button directly into a page.
  • A form input for use with Form Reform.

Some use-cases:

  • A more front-end user focussed workflow for any image or file upload.
  • Enable users to update mugshot images or avatars from their webcam.
  • Use a mobile device camera to take photographs and import directly to the File Manager.
  • Quickly add screengrabs to your documentation (as above).
  • Enable users to upload screengrabs for support requests.
  • Quickly upload/add images to blog posts.

In the sidebar are each of the snapshot tool blocks. Uploading images is disabled, so feel free to have a play with each of the tools and think about how your web sites can benefit from them!


jl_snapshot - v9.0.17

A suite of advanced image capture and upload tools. Enhanced drag and drop file uploading. Make screengrabs from within Concrete CMS. Capture images directly from device webcams. Edit images before uploading.

ConcreteCMS Marketplace v9.0.17

Block Types Permission Keys
  • Use Snapshot Webcam
  • Use Snapshot Screen Capture
  • Use Snapshot Drag & Drop uploader
Single Pages
  • Snapshot Settings /dashboard/​system/​snapshot Enhanced drag and drop uploading. Make screengrabs from within concrete5. Take photographs directly from device webcams. Edit images before uploading. Browser support is generally good for all current major browsers, but there will be some dinosaurs still on ancient versions of IE and other obsolete browsers that cannot use some or all of this functionality.
  • Webcam /dashboard/​system/​snapshot/​webcam Webcam dashboard settings for Snapshot
  • Screengrab /dashboard/​system/​snapshot/​screengrab Screengrab dashboard settings for Snapshot
  • Drag Drop /dashboard/​system/​snapshot/​dragdrop Drag Drop dashboard settings for Snapshot

Additional Pages

Each of the snapshot tool blocks are shown below. Uploading images is disabled, so feel free to have a play with each of the tools and think about how your web sites can benefit from them!