Container Check

Container Check requires Concrete CMS core version 9+ and is not compatible with v8 sites. Hence all we can show here is some screenshots and not a full demonstration.

Container Check is most illustrative for Bootstrap5 based themes. It may be adapted to work with some other theme frameworks.

The dashboard icons for containers are not particularly illustrative. Container Check helps you visualize container structure by providing a rough preview of the layouts provided by containers in a Bootstrap 5 based theme.

Once installed, a dashboard page can be found at 

  • Dashboard > Pages & Themes > Container Check.

In the dashboard menu, select 'Pages & Themes' and then Container Check within that group.

Preview of container structure is approximate and depends on:

  1. Container being structured with <div> elements
  2. Theme based on Bootstrap 5 or compatible theme grid
  3. Width of the window!

In addition to providing a dashboard page to preview cointainers, Container Check optionally integrates with Frontend Dashboard to provide the similar information in a block.

Additional Pages

If you are building in-site documentation for your customers, have a look at the Frontend Dashboard theme.