Magic Tabs

What could be simpler than just inserting a block where you want to start a new tab? Just insert Magic Tabs between any other blocks and your page will magically split into tabs or accordions.

Magic Tabs is so simple, yet offers so much more:

Easy Templating

  • Many different tab templates included.
  • Most tab templates inherit from and adapt to any Bootstrap based theme.
  • Modena templates integrate styles from Modena and other Vidal themes 
  • Self contained started templates work with any theme and serve as a basis to further template development.
  • Easily add your own tab templates.
  • Use themes from ButtonsFactoryPro in tab templates.

Anything in tabs

Magic Tabs are so easy to use, you can get started by simply adding Magic Tabs blocks onto a page where you want to start each tab. If you want to explore more advanced possibilities, work your way through the comprehensive documentation on these pages.

Current Version

Magic Tabs

jl_magic_tabs - v9.0.9

Organise content and any other blocks or stacks into tabs and accordions. Create transitions between tabs.

Block Types Block Type Sets
  • Magic Tabs

Documentation Pages