Tabs and Layouts

General Principles

The important point to always bear in mind when working with tabs and layouts is that DOM elements form a tree and cannot be interlaced. 

In concrete5 layouts are implemented as a special type of block that creates and wraps a psudo-area for each column of the layout. You can't spread a block or stack across areas, so similarly you can't spread a tab across layouts. 

  • You can have a tab set within a layout column - because a layout column is an area.
  • You can have a complete layout witin a single tab - because a layout is wrapped in the special layout block type. The important consideration is that the Magic Tabs blocks must be outside the layout, so the layout is wholly contained.

What is fundamentally impossible is to start a tab in one column of a layout and end it in another. Or to start a layout in one tab and end it in another. To do so would break a fundamental rule of the DOM by interlacing elements.

Layout within a tab

The example here is a set of 3 tabs. The first and last tab each contain regular content blocks. The second tab - this tab - contains a layout of 2 columns, and each column in the layout contains a further content block.

General Principles

Content about general principles

Layout within a tab

Content is a layout of 2 columns

- Column 1 content - this column

- Column 2 content - Gotchas

Layout based tab addons

Content about layout based tab addons


The main difficulty arises from the way concrete5 creates and adds layouts. You can currently only add a new layout at the end of an area. Replicating the example here is best achieved by implementing the blocks and layouts sequentially. To do so in any other order can result in a lot of block moving because you can't move layouts or insert them later. 

Also, take care when adding Magic Tabs blocks after a layout that they are located in the parent area and not accidentally dropped into a layout cell. If you drop Magic Tabs block into a layout cell by mistake, it won't work as expected.

Layout based tab addons

Tabs and layouts both add extra structure to the DOM. That is why some less advanced tab addons dating back to concrete5.4 began with layouts and made each layout cell into a tab. Magic Tabs is more sophisticated than that and works by analyzing the DOM tree and injecting additional nodes to create the tabs.

If you are used to the complexities of layout based tabs addons, Magic Tabs is a lot easier. The most common mistake of users switching to Magic Tabs from layout based tabs addons it to assume complexity that just is not there!

Magic Tabs documentation

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