Version History

Before installing any of my addons, please make sure any of my addons already installed are up-to-date.

If you have problems after updating, please see Problems immediately after updating. This version of Magic Tabs is fully compatible with Concrete CMS v8+ and v9 and PHP versions 7 and 8.

9.0.5 - Fix extra comma in MT Jump edit dialogue.

9.0.4 - Tab and vertical tab templates for Modena theme. Fix accordion icon push right in v9. Fix mis-matched quotes in icon picker.

9.0.3 - Fix php8 issue with exiting nesting after a tab template is removed.

9.0.2 - Fix php8 issue with icon options.

9.0.1 - Fix php8 issue with tab continuity options.

9.0.0 - php8 compatibility. Minimum Concrete CMS core now v8.5.2.

7.9.3 - Work round core edit mode bug for magic-tabs-hide class when applied to an area.

7.9.2 - Improvements to icon picker.

7.9.1 - Compatibility with Atomik theme.

7.9.0 - Compatibility with concrete v9 and maintaining compatibility with v7 and v8. New templates for centered tabs and filling width tabs. New styling of rainbow tab templates (they were looking a bit dated in current browsers). Minor styling fixes on most templates. jQuery UI dependencies removed. This update includes changes to MT JavaScript so you will need to clear caches after updating.

7.2.8 - Fix 'Preserve Grid Wrapper' state on entering edit dialog. Show message when quick add option is unavailable due to file system permissions.

7.2.7 - Fix issue with multiple nested levels of ajax loaded tabs.

7.2.6 - Extend implementation to facilitate ajax loading of tab sets within tabs sets. This update includes changes to MT JavaScript so you will need to clear caches after updating.

7.2.5 - Support ajax loading tab sets. Note: Magic Tabs does not include an ajax loader, it is designed to work with other ajax loaders such as Universal Content Puller.

7.2.4 - Kalmoya AJAX Form integration now built in.

7.2.3 - Index classes added to tab body wrappers for convenience of styling tab bodies.

7.2.2 - New 'No Tabs' template. Useful for building slide shows.

7.2.1 - Update to help and support links.

7.2.0 - Split forms into tabs. Split Page Lists into tabs. Use themes from Buttons Factory Pro for tabs. Quick Add. Automated tab headings. Icons for tabs. Enhancements to Jump button. Separate transitions for accordions. No inline JavaScript. Tabs designed with jQuery/ui deprecated.

7.1.6 - Fix backward compatibility issue for c5.7 search indexing.

7.1.5 - Fix script error in slice selector passed to jQuery

7.1.4 - Fix edit config array deprecated in php7.2.1

7.1.3 - Update for c5 v8.4.0rc1 compatibility and latest deprecated code guide  (as far as is possible while maintaining backward compatibility)

7.1.2 - Enhancements to facilitate FOUC prevention in v8.

7.1.1 - Fix issue where nested 2 tabs could break the rendering of nested 1 tabs.

7.1 - IMPORTANT - Global Settings have moved to application/config/magic_tabs.php (previously application/config/app.php). If you are upgrading from a site where you have adjusted global configuration settings, you will need to implement these in the new location.

The block edit dialog now provides a direct interface to global settings, so editing config files may not be necessary at all!

On recent concrete5.7.5+ versions, an update to the core grid model and the way blocks are wrapped on full width page types can interfere with the way Magic Tabs are rendered, particularly for vertical templates and nested accordions. Magic Tabs v7.1 adds global settings that can be adjusted to alter the way the grid box model is transformed when Magic Tabs are rendered. See Global Settings in Magic Tabs v7.1+.

7.0.1 - Fix issue with global tab settings when set other than default from within a tab template on c5.7.4+ core.

7.0 - Official release version number for 5.7. Incorporates a fix for asset loading for some templates when not logged in.

Before marketplace approval

6.2.4 - Fixes semi-colon typo and duplicate css lines in default view and some others.

Ported from concrete5.6 version of Magic tabs.

Additional Pages

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Tabs with Layouts and Containers
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This set of Magic Tabs is configured to always show as an accordion. To read about how it is done, please click to open the first accordion tab.
Global Settings
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Jump and Linking to Specific Tabs
Link within a page using the Magic Tabs Jump block or with an href. Link from other pages with a url ?tab=tab_name parameter.
Auto Play
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Form to Magic Tabs block details
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Splitting a Page List to an Accordion
Details of how the Form to Magic Tabs block is used to split a a page list into an accordion or tabs
Tabs and AJAX
AJAX loading sets of tabs and AJAX loading content within a tab.
No Tabs
Magic tabs without the tabs!
Developing Tab Templates
Magic Tabs comes with many example tab templates. For many sites, one of these will fit in with the site theme with no further modification.
Problem Solving
If you start building a page with Magic Tabs and don't see the results you expect, here are some tips to help you solve any problems.
Developer Interfaces
Magic Tabs provides JavaScript events and a php interface for developers to integrate to tabs.
Version History
Version history for Magic Tabs.