No Tabs


What use is a Magic Tabs template without any tabs?

Read on and find out.....






[Play will be paused when the mouse pointer is over a tab body. Move the pointer away from this part of the page to begin play. ]

The no-tabs template is intended for use with the Magic Tabs Jump block to add buttons to navigate between tabs or with the Magic Tabs Autoplay block to automatically play through a set of tabs.

With this template, you can set up 'tab sets' with transitions to play a slide show and not actually have any tab controls showing. The controls are still there, just not visible on the page.

You are watching a Magic Tabs no-tabs template with autoplay now. 

Playing is automatically paused when you move the cursor over the body of a tab and resumes when you move the cursor off the tab body.

If you don't want the fully behind-the-schenes auto-play, you can configure the auto-play to have visible play/pause buttons.

You can also leave out the auto-play and add Magic Tabs jump blocks to add 'Next' and/or 'Previous' buttons, or simply add links to specific tabs.

As with any Magic Tabs set, you can include any block or stack within the tabs. Here we have an AutoNav list of Magic Tabs pages.

Block Design advanced settings have been used to break the list into css columns.

And here we have A YouTube video block within a tab. 

A snippet of CSS has been added to the page to equal the height of the tab bodies and hence prevent the page footer jagging up and down during transitions.


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