Information about and documentation for concrete5 addon packages.
Apply dropdown button templates to core Autonav and other navigation blocks. Easily configure associated button icons, text and design from a new 'Button Design' option in the block edit dropdown.
Enter comments that show only in edit mode. For use by site developers who want to leave notes/comments for those editing a page in the future.
Show phpinfo() reports for your site/host environment.
A suite of extreme cleanups to remove obsolete data. Run from the dashboard or as an automated job.
Intelligently show the time a page was last updated.
What could be simpler than just inserting a block where you want to start a new tab? Just insert Magic Tabs between any other blocks and your page will magically split into tabs.
A massively flexible gallery and slider system. Multiple ways to select images. Multiple ways to display them. Easily expandable with further image selections and display widgets.
Community Store product and product list image sources for Omni Gallery. Use Omni Gallery to display your Community Store product images.
Package Magic provides a suite of tools to automate package archive generation, validation, management and deployment.
Many of my more advanced packages use a sophisticated plugin mechanism for easy expansion, both within the package and across packages.
A comprehensive reviews and ratings package. Currently supports reviewing of Pages and Images. Extensible to review other types.
A safe template for the core HTML block. By assigning the Safe block template, the HTML is escaped in edit mode. As long as you can get into edit mode, you will always be able to see where the broken block is and and edit it.
A vastly enhanced page search system for concrete5. Searching on this site uses Search++, a highly enhanced search system for concrete5.
For concrete5 agencies and serious concrete5 developers. Site Sniffer helps to keep track of all the sites on a development system. Install Site Sniffer and a handy dashboard page provides a list of all the sites on the same system with live controls to search, sort and filter.
Device image capture tools: Enhanced drag and drop uploading. Make screengrabs from within concrete5. Capture images directly from device cameras and webcams. Edit images before uploading.
Highlight sections of code or markup within any block you can write fragments of code into, whatever the programming or markup language.
Generic bulk import of content pulled from any site. Use Universal Content Puller from the dashboard to import pages and files from any site, creating corresponding pages within the concrete5 site, adding blocks to those pages for the pulled content. Where blocks cannot be fully added, provides a comprehensive notification and review system to facilitate manual addition of that last little bit.
Pull content from an range of Content Sources, transform that pulled content using a range of Content Transforms, then display the transformed content using a range of Content Displays
A Content Sources extension for Universal Content Puller. XX because these sources are the kind of source you may not want to let just anyone loose with, hence a separate package so they don't have to be installed with less sensitive sources.