Universal Content Puller Charts

If you can pull data to a table, you can show it in a chart!
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Universal Content Puller Charts is a Content Display extension for Universal Content Puller. Use with any content source and content transform combination that provides tabular data to show that data in a beautiful chart.

Create charts from CSV, JSON, XML, Database Queries, Express Entities, User Lists, Page Lists, Google Sheets and more. Create charts from any data you can pull or extract with Universal Content Puller.

Once installed, you will have a new Content Displays:

  • Chart From Table - Display tabular data as a chart using chart.js to plot a chart into a <canvas>
  • Chart Key From Table - A more advanced system for creating keys for charts

Chart types supported include:

Within these general types, charts can be filled, stacked, coloured and redesigned in many ways. If you don't see a chart type you need in the examples, contact me and it may be available but just not shown. There are too many possibilities to list them all!


As an extension to Universal Content Puller, Universal Content Puller Charts is designed for extension. UCP Charts is implemented as Content Display plugin for UCP with a view to extending to interface with further chart libraries and chart types.

If you don't see a chart type you need in the examples, contact me and it may be available but just not shown, or I may be able to add it to Universal Content Puller Charts for you.


Universal Content Puller Charts

jl_universal_content_puller_charts - v9.1.2

Charting extension for Universal Content Puller. If you can pull data to a table, you can show it in a chart!

ConcreteCMS Marketplace v9.1.2

Content Display Plugins
  • Chart From Table
  • Chart Key From Table

Universal Content Puller

jl_universal_content_puller - v9.3.21 - resources v9.3.12

Pull content from many sources and display it in many ways.

ConcreteCMS Marketplace v9.3.21

Block Types Single Pages
  • Universal Content Puller /dashboard/​blocks/​universal_content_puller Pull content from many sources and display it in many ways.
  • Plugins /dashboard/​blocks/​universal_content_puller/​plugins Plugins for the Universal Content Puller block
  • Global Settings /dashboard/​blocks/​universal_content_puller/​global_settings Edit global settings and defaults for the Universal Content Puller block.
Content Source Plugins
  • Calendar Event List
  • Child Area
  • Direct Table
  • Direct Text
  • Express List
  • File
  • File Folder List
  • Fileset List
  • Global Area
  • Google Sheet
  • None
  • Page Area
  • Page List
  • Parent Area
  • Stack
  • URL
  • URL With Form
  • User List
Content Transform Plugins
  • Array Hacker
  • Cache With Transform
  • Convert Encoding
  • First Row to Keys
  • HTML Repair
  • Key Filter
  • Key Mapper
  • Key Picker
  • Key Regex
  • List Selector
  • Markdown
  • Multi Selector
  • NL2BR
  • Pass Through
  • Pipeline
  • Remove Duplicate Values
  • Selector
  • Table From CSV
  • Table From HTML
  • Table From JSON
  • Table From Text Lines
  • Table Sorter
  • Value Filter
  • Value Replace
Content Display Plugins
  • DataPicker
  • JavaScript Data
  • Limited Text
  • ListPicker
  • Multi Level List
  • Paragraphs With Heading
  • Plain
  • Serialize
  • Serialize Paginate
  • Table

Universal Content Puller XX Sources

jl_universal_content_puller_xx_sources - v9.1.3

Sources extension for Universal Content Puller. The sources in this extension are XX because they are the kind of source you may not want to let just anyone loose with, hence a separate package so they don't have to be installed with less sensitive sources.

ConcreteCMS Marketplace v9.1.3

Content Source Plugins
  • Any Database
  • Any Database with Form
  • SQLite File Manager
  • SQLite File Manager With Form
  • SQLite File Path
  • SQLite File Path With Form
  • Site Database
  • Site Database with Form
Content Transform Plugins
  • SQL Extract
  • SQL Extract with Form

Universal Content Puller Attribute

jl_universal_content_puller_attribute - v9.0.1

An attribute to select from previously stored Universal Content Puller settings and render the pulled content.

ConcreteCMS Marketplace v9.0.1

Attribute Types
UCP Stored Setting Collection

Additional Pages

About this Sidebar

Most of this sidebar constrcuted using Universal Content Puller.

The Content Source is Page Area, set to pull the Sidebar area from the Universal Content Puller page and within that sliced to just the Page List.

The Content Transform is Selector, set to remove container and row classes that, when unnecessarily nested, could mess up the Bootstrap grid. The Content Display is Plain, which just outputs the transformed text.

In the advanced settings, sanitization is disabled as we trust the source page and don't want to strip out any formatting or functionality from the pulled sidebar.