Dashboard Pages

Universal Content Puller provides dashboard pages at Dashboard > Stacks & Blocks > Universal Content Puller.


UCP is built arround a pluggable architecture. The plugins page provides a list of installed plugins for Content Sources, Transforms and Display with built in documentation.

Visiting this page rescans for plugins, so can be used to facilitate adding site specififc plugins in the /application/ area.  Further packages providing plugins will normally run a scan for plugins during the package installation.

When logged in as the Super Admin user, plugins may be individually enabled and disabled, The super admin can thus block general administrators or site editors from accessing specific plugins.

The super admin can also opt to hide the Support dialog tab from all users save for the super admin.

Global Settings

The global settings dashboard page provides a dashboard copy of the Universal Content Puller block edit dialog. Anything saved in the global gettings will be used as default settings when adding new UCP blocks to a page.

A chekbox at the top of the block add/edit dialog can be used to simply use and follow the global settings in the dashboard.

You can also export global settings as JSON, save them as a text file in your development system, then import them later either to the global settings or to an individual UCP block.

Additional Pages

About this Sidebar

Creating a sidebar for a group of pages without messing about with stacks is an easy use-case for Universal Content Puller.

This sidebar is edited once, within the main addon page for Universal Content Puller.

It is then pulled into all UCP sub-pages using a UCP block.

The Content Source is Parent Page, set to pull the Sidebar area from 2 pages from the top. The Content Transform is Selector, set to remove container and row classes that, when unnecessarily nested, could mess up the Bootstrap grid. The Content Display is Plain, which just outputs the transformed text.

In the advanced settings, sanitization is disabled as we trust the source page and don't want to strip out any formatting or functionality from the pulled sidebar.