Site Sniffer

Keep track of multiple ConcreteCMS sites and packages on your development system.

No matter how well I have my development system organised, keeping track of all the sites , packages and package versions I have on my development system for different customers, different core versions, for the marketplace and for the PRB is an impossible process.

Site Sniffer is a package for agencies and serious developers to help keep track of all the ConcreteCMS sites on their development systems. Install Site Sniffer and a handy dashboard page provides a list of all the sites on the same system with live controls to search, sort and filter.

Sites are analyzed and marked for:

  • Core Version
  • Current Site - the current site
  • Database Verified - installed with a database
  • No Database - CMS source files present and apparently configured, but the corresponding database cannot be found (typically a files backup of another site)
  • Not Local - configured for a non-local database (typically a files backup of an online site)
  • Incomplete - missing configuration information, so Site Sniffer is unable to tell if there is a database or not (typically unzipped but never installed, but could also be faulty configuration data)
  • Packages (by package handle)
  • Package versions

Site Sniffer can sniff out sites all the way back to core version 5.4.

Whilst Site Sniffer will work on a live web server, typical server permissions may limit its capabailities. Some may also consider the information provided by Site Sniffer a security risk. So please think very carefully before installing Site Sniffer on live web site.

If you also have Package Magic, Site Sniffer provides extensions to check packages against other sites on the same server.

Special License Addition

Whilst Site Sniffer comes with the standard ConcreteCMS marketplace license, a single licence is extended for unlimited installation on any single development system computer. Purchasers may install site sniffer on any number of sites within a single development system.

Site Sniffer

jl_site_sniffer - v9.0.1

Sniff out concrete5 sites on the same server and navigate to them.

Single Pages
  • Site Sniffer /dashboard/​site_sniffer Sniff out concrete5 sites on the same server and navigate to them.
  • Settings /dashboard/​site_sniffer/​settings Package settings
  • Sites /dashboard/​site_sniffer/​sites Sites found by site sniffer