Syntax Anywhere

Add Syntax Anywhere to a site and it will find and highlight sections of code or markup within any block you can write fragments of code into, whatever the programming or markup language.


[code language="php"]

// From within syntax anywhere's block controller

    protected $btTable = "btJlSyntaxAnywhere";
    protected $btInterfaceWidth = "680";
    protected $btInterfaceHeight = "460";
    protected $btCacheBlockOutput = true;
    protected $btCacheBlockOutputOnPost = false;
    protected $btCacheBlockOutputForRegisteredUsers = true;

    public function getBlockTypeName()
        return Package::getByHandle('jl_syntax_anywhere')->getPackageName();

    public function getBlockTypeDescription()
        return Package::getByHandle('jl_syntax_anywhere')->getPackageDescription();



[code language="html"]

<div class="my-class">
        <li>List 1</li>




[code language="javascript"]

if (typeof JtF.syntax_anywhere.debug === 'undefined') {
     * General fedback, mainly as developer debug.
    JtF.syntax_anywhere.set_debug = function (flag) {
        JtF.syntax_anywhere.debug_flag = flag;
    JtF.syntax_anywhere.debug = function () {
        if (!(JtF.syntax_anywhere.debug_flag && window.console && window.console.log)) {
        if (!arguments.length) {
            window.console.trace && window.console.trace();
        } else if (arguments.length === 1) {
        } else {



[code language="C++"]

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
   // printf() displays the string inside quotation
   printf("Hello, World!");
   return 0;




[code language="python"]

password = ''

while password != 'password':
    print('What is the password?')
    password = input()

print('Yes, the password is ' + password + '. You may enter.')




[code language="x86asm"]

section .text

    global _start


        ; write our string to stdout.

        mov     edx,len   ; third argument: message length.
        mov     ecx,msg   ; second argument: pointer to message to write.
        mov     ebx,1     ; first argument: file handle (stdout).
        mov     eax,4     ; system call number (sys_write).
        int     0x80      ; call kernel.

        ; and exit.

    mov    ebx,0      ; first syscall argument: exit code.
        mov     eax,1     ; system call number (sys_exit).
        int     0x80      ; call kernel.

section .data

msg     db      "Hello, world!",0xa      ; the string to print.
len     equ     $ - msg                  ; length of the string.



[code language="SQL"]

SELECT u.uID, ak_ifa_firstname, ak_ifa_surname, ak_ifa_business_name, ak_ifa_member_qualification, ak_ifa_area_specialism, ak_ifa_filter_research, ak_ifa_essential_oils, ak_ifa_carrier_oils, ak_ifa_ailments 
FROM Users u 
LEFT JOIN UserSearchIndexAttributes ua ON u.uID = ua.uID 
WHERE ak_ifa_filter_research IS NOT NULL
ORDER BY ak_ifa_filter_research DESC