Problem Solving

Missing Class errors during install

In addition to their internal functionality, many of my addons make use of facilities provided in others to enhance their own capabilities. The consequence is that occasionally an update to an addon will depend, where another of my addons is installed, on an update to the other addon. 


Before installing any of my addons, please make sure any of my addons already installed are up-to-date.

Javascript in another addon doesn't respond correctly when Syntax Anywhere is active on the page

The main way Syntax Anywhere can mess with JavaScript in another block is when you use the [code]...[/code] method of specifying syntax areas. Behind the scenes, Syntax Anywhere does some rewriting of the html to facilitate [code] sections, and doing so can result in other JavaScript event handlers becoming detached.

The simple solution is to not configure Syntax Anywhere to look for [code]..[/code] on any page containing JavaScript heavy blocks. Use any of the other methods of declaring sections to be highlighted such as <pre class="syntax_anywhere">...</pre>.

You can see Syntax Anywhere working on the same page as blocks that involve quite complex JavaScript on this site.

You can also exclude a block from any consideration by Syntax Anywhere by wrapping it with the class "syntax-anywhere-exclude" or specifying an id or class for the block in the Exclude section of thye Syntax Anywhere edit dialog.