Extreme Clean

A suite of extreme cleanups to remove obsolete data and files, making your site leaner, cleaner and faster.

As a web site is developed, edited and used, behind the scenes a shed-load of unused and no longer relevant stuff accumulates. Extreme Clean searches out such stuff so you know what is old and unused, then removes it for you. 

Cleanup your site

  • Improve speed. On a busy or old site accumulated edits, history and abandoned user accounts combine to slow it down.
  • Decrease the size of backups . As a site is used, the database grows and slows. Backups take longer because they are saving old data you no longer care about.  (but backup before you first run Extreme Clean, you don't want to clean too much!) .
  • To assist with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.
  • Before taking a site from development to production. When you are intensively editing and developing a site, the history of Lorum-Ipsum and test data remains in old page versions and test users.
  • Strengthen security. Does some of the old stuff hidden away on your site put it at risk?

Scour your site for

  • Old page versions

    On a frequently updated site, old page versions accumulate much faster than the core job removes them. Extreme Clean rips through a site purging old page versions and the data they contain. Extreme clean can clean page versions where the core old versions job is overwhelmed.

  • Old file versions
    As well as accumulating old file versions, a site can also accumulate empty filesets and folders, broken files, lost files and empty system directories. Extreme clean has carefully crafte cleaners for all of these file manager problems.

  • Drafts and Trash

    Clear out abandoned drafts and trash, either completely or once the pages have been un-modified for a number of days. Extreme clean can clean the trash where the core empty trash is overwhelmed.

  • Long log files

    Trim log files by length or age. Configured by default for the main Log and the Jobs Log (the c5 core provides no means to view or clear the jobs log)

  • Abandoned user accounts

    On a busy eCommerce or membership site, users come and go, but rarely do they clean up their accounts. Extreme Clean seeks out and removes inactive user accounts.

  • Messy databases

    Over time the storage for database tables can become fragmented and disorganised. Extreme Clean optimizes database tables for efficient access and storage.

  • Old /incoming and /tmp files

    Clean out old and forgotten /incoming and /tmp files by age.

  • Packages
    Uninstalled packages and .zip archives in the /packages directory.

  • Broken Workflows

    Clean out empty and broken page workflows by age.

  • Cluttered Clipboards

    A growing clipboard slows and eventually siezes up, breaking the blocks add panel. Trim clipboards by age or size.

  • Unused Blocks and Templates

    Its easy to add custom blocks and templates to /application/blocks, but how many of them are really used when you have finished developing. Remove unused blocks and templates.

Cleaners can be run directly from the dashboard or through the Extreme Clean queable job and for Concrete v9 through the Extreme Clean task.


Extreme Clean

jl_extreme_clean - v9.0.0 - resources v9.0.0

Extreme cleanup dashboard pages and job/task to streamline a site by removing old page versions, truncate logs, delete inactive users and much more. Extensible through cleaner plugins.

  • Extreme Clean
Single Pages
  • Extreme Clean /dashboard/​system/​extreme_clean Extreme cleanup dashboard pages and job/​task to streamline a site by removing old page versions, truncate logs, delete inactive users and much more. Extensible through cleaner plugins.
  • Cleaner Plugins /dashboard/​system/​extreme_clean/​plugin_list Functionality can be extended by provision of cleaner plugins.
  • Configure and Run Cleaners /dashboard/​system/​extreme_clean/​clean Select a cleaner plugin, configure it, save its parameters and run it from the dashboard.
  • Job/​Task Settings /dashboard/​system/​extreme_clean/​job_settings Job/​Task Settings for Extreme Clean . Extreme cleanup dashboard pages and job/​task to streamline a site by removing old page versions, truncate logs, delete inactive users and much more. Extensible through cleaner plugins.

Additional Pages


Backup your site before first using Extreme Clean. I accept no responsibility if you end up cleaning critical data! Once you have Extreme Clean configured, a safe strategy is to run it after your regular backups, so keeping the database clean ready for the next backup.


Extreme Clean can help with GDPR strategy, ensuring that no data covered by GDPR is left in old page versions or old log records and user accounts are removed after inactivity. Full  GDPR compliance involves a lot more than Extreme Clean.


Extreme Clean has been built with easy extension in mind, from within the Extreme Clean package, or through third party packages and site specific cleaners.

Each cleaner is implemented through a plugin architecture for easy extension. By following this plugin architecture, additional cleaners can be implemented to work seamlessly with both the dashboard Clean Now and the Extreme Clean job.

As time permits and requirements arise, I plan to add further cleaners.


Let me know of your site cleaning needs. PM me via concrete5.org.


I can offer free advice if you want to integrate further cleaners from your own packages.

For concrete 5.6 Users

With the legacy marketplace now closed, if you need a copy of the legacy Extreme Clean, contact me and I will send a free package zip to any user of the current Extreme Clean.

If you have used the concrete5.6 version of Extreme Clean, this implementation for concrete5.7 and concrete5 v8+ has refined the way cleaning is managed with simple configuration and interactive cleaning through the dashboard. It also adds new cleanups and an extensible architecture.