Version History

Before installing any of my addons, please make sure any of my addons already installed are up-to-date.

jl_extreme_clean - v9.0.0 - resources v9.0.0

ConcreteCMS Marketplace v9.0.0

9.0.0 - Fully integrated with v9 task system. Now includes an an Extreme Clean Task to run Extreme Clean and a cleaner for Task History. Fix jobs configuration side effect of clearing check only mode. Logs cleaner optimisations now respect check only mode. Consolidates addon and resources v9 updates with version numbers from 9.0.0.

7.9.3 - Work-round for ConcreteCMS core and php issue with windows path length. Resources updated to 2.19.33.

7.9.2 - Option in Page Version cleaner to clean system page versions. Options to continue cleaning after errors. Resources updated to 2.19.31.

7.9.1 - Massive Mode option added to Page Trash cleaner. When selected, pages in the trash are deleted one version at a time.

7.9.0 - Concrete CMS v9 compatibility while maintaining compatibility with v8. Resources updated to 2.19.30.

7.2.1 - Align with new and marketplace. Resources updated to v2.14.0.

7.2.0 - Many new file manager and filespace cleaners. Backup your site before using any of these new cleaners! While they have been tested, they do not have the extensive proof of use of other cleaners. New cleaners for: File Versions, Empty Folders and Filesets, Lost and Broken files, Empty System Directories. Resources updated to v2.13.5.

7.1.10 - Resources updated to v2.13.3. Version information provided with support information.

7.1.9 - Page trash cleaner changed to nibble away at leaves of page tree, so providing maximum granularity and reduce risk of timeouts.

7.1.8 - Update to resources v2.12.5.

7.1.7 - New package directory cleaner. Update resources to 2.9.6.

7.1.6 - Fix issue in group select widget in resources. Update resources to 2.8.14.

7.1.5 - Integrate with updated resources v2.7.9 including permissions for cleaner plugins. Minimum concrete5 compatibility now c5 v8.0.

7.1.4 - Fix issue with checkboxes and form/post on ajax dialogs. Automatically update job cleaners list when a cleaner is enabled.

7.1.3 - Workflow cleaner now has an option to clean all workflows, not just broken ones!  Visual cue added to cleaner widget selection.

7.1.2 - Cache cleaner added. Tidy up of some cleaner dialogs.

7.1.1 - Option to keep/repair index.html for incoming and temporary directories. Defaults to keep/repair.

7.1.0 - New cleaners for the clipboard and for unused blocks and templates in /application/blocks.

7.0.12 - New 'Check Only' option. Fix bug in old page version count. Update resources.

7.0.11 - Optimize queries in page cleaner.

7.0.10 - New broken workflow cleaner.

7.0.9 - 'Massive mode' added to page version cleaner, for sites where the number of pages and versions overwhelms the pre-selection of versions to clean.

7.0.7 - php7 compatibility of resources

7.0.6 - New /incoming and /tmp files cleaners. Fix issue with cleaner selection and sort in job configuration.

7.0.4 - New drafts and trash cleaners

7.0.3 - New database cleaner

7.0.2 - Update to resources v2.4.4 - avoids an obscure security loophole left by the core encryption helper on php7.2+.

7.0.1 - Add missing route registration to package controller.

7.0 - Release version for c5.7+, c5v8+

Extreme Clean provides a suite of extreme cleanups to remove obsolete data.  

Cleanup your site

  • To assist with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.
  • Before taking a site from development to production. When you are intensively editing and developing a site, the history of Lorum-Ipsum and test data remains in old page versions and test users.
  • Improve speed. On a busy or old site accumulated edits, history and abandoned user accounts combine to slow it down.
  • Decrease the size of backups . As a site is used, the database grows and slows. Backups take longer because they are saving old data you no longer care about.  (but backup before you first run Extreme Clean, you don't want to clean too much!)