Example - Protecting contact details

Stack by AJAX

To help protect contact details from spammers and automated harvesters, they can be added to a stack and the stack then added to a page using Universal Content Puller. Bots won't click to view the stack, so won't see the contact details.

Here the content source is a Stack - a stack can't be rendered by itself through any http request. No content transform is required, so that can be a simple Pass through. Similarly, content display can be a simple Plain.

In the Advanced tab, set the AJAX option to Ajax load when placeholder clicked and add a suitable message to your placeholder.

Unless the stack contains complex source such as a Google map, Sanitize output can be safe, then back on the Source tab at the bottom of the panel, this can be further otimised by setting the checkbox Do not load assets required by stack.

You can see this in action on my Contact page and the UCP block pulling the stack is repeated below.

Click to show contact information

Additional Pages

About this Sidebar

Creating a sidebar for a group of pages without messing about with stacks is an easy use-case for Universal Content Puller.

This sidebar is edited once, within the main addon page for Universal Content Puller.

It is then pulled into all UCP sub-pages using a UCP block.

The Content Source is Parent Page, set to pull the Sidebar area from 2 pages from the top. The Content Transform is Selector, set to remove container and row classes that, when unnecessarily nested, could mess up the Bootstrap grid. The Content Display is Plain, which just outputs the transformed text.

In the advanced settings, sanitization is disabled as we trust the source page and don't want to strip out any formatting or functionality from the pulled sidebar.