Screengrab usage

The Screen Capture tool requires a site to be https:// or on a localhost. The Screen Capture tool is available, subject to browser support

Screen Capture user information

The Snapshot Screengrab tool enables users to capture a screengrab from within the web site. Users can edit a file title and description and even edit and annotate the image before uploading the screengrab.

Opening the Screen Capture tool

  The snapshot screengrab tool is opened by clicking the screengrab button. Your browser will then request permission to share a display or window. This is not limited to the window the web page and button is in - you can share any display or window! Browser security limits this permission until you refresh the page or navigate. You will need to grant permission each time.

Assuming you grant permission, the screengrab icon will go red indicating the button is ready to capture a screen. Clicking the button again will initiate the screengrab process.


A countdown will be shown in 0.1s intervals and when it reaches zero the captured screen will be shown in a screengrab overlay.

The captured screengrab is now managed by a toolbar shown in the overlay. The actual toolbar buttons shown depend on how the tool is configured.

Screen Capture toolbar

Upload the screengrab. Once any edits of the screengrab and associated text are complete, click to upload the screengrab to the web server.
Clicking the image edit control will open the image in an image editor for adjustment, mark up and annotation.
Clicking the information edit control toggles the display of a title and description edit window and the display of a feedback panel confirming image upload or error messages.
Close the current screengrab. Another screengrab can be taken by clicking the screengrab button. This button may also be configured to refresh the page, in which case you will need to go through the browser permission process again.
Kill the snapshot screengrab tool. The tool will be closed and the screengrab disabled. The screengrab cannot be reopened unless the page is refreshed and permission granted again with your browser. This button may also be configured to refresh the page.
Upload completed
Upload failed

Image editor

The image editor opens in a new modal display.

Use the image editor controls to adjust the image, crop to size, add annotations and symbols. All changes can be undone up until you click 'Done'.

When finished, click 'Done' to save edits to the snapped image or 'Cancel' to revert.

Additional Pages

Each of the snapshot tool blocks are shown below. Uploading images is disabled, so feel free to have a play with each of the tools and think about how your web sites can benefit from them!

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Requires php7+.

See Limitations for guidance on device/browser support for snapshot tools.