Version History

Before installing any of my addons, please make sure any of my addons already installed are up-to-date.

jl_snapshot - v1.10.0

ConcreteCMS Marketplace v1.10.0

1.10.0 - New function to conveniently download image from screengrab or webcam capture.

1.9.2 - Update TUI image editor to 3.15.2. Enable Resize control.

1.9.1 - Fix overlap between dropdown nav menu and save/error messages.

1.9.0 - Compatibility with concrete v9 and maintaining compatibility with v8. 

1.0.12 - Align with new and marketplace.

1.0.11 - Browser cache breaker parameter added to upload feedback. Security option to relax avatar permissions.

1.0.10 - Option to override destination folder with current file manager folder when file manager is open.

1.0.9 - Update vendor JavaScript. Work round core permissions bug.

1.0.8 - Page path and page name from composer forms extended to fallback to page type.

1.0.7 - Data extraction from composer forms refactored for greater flexibility.

1.0.6 - Extract intended page path and page name from composer forms. Work round space key bug in vendor JavaScript.

1.0.5 - Include zoom control in image editor.

1.0.4 - Fix bug in {PagePath} token.

1.0.3 - Routing updated to use verb methods.

1.0.2 - New functionality for upload limits and folder size limits.

1.0.1 - Fix typos in built in documentation blocks. Adjustments to mobile css for image editor. Styles added to dashboard pages to accurately show drag-drop icon when not enabled for toolbar (missing css)

1.0.0 - Approved. Fix screengrab toolbar button styling when enabled for capturing edit dialogs introduced by removing Magnific.

0.9.1 - Minor improvements to image editor CSS to facilitate editing on small mobile devices.

0.9.0 - All uses of Magnific removed to facilitate text entry within the image editor on Firefox.

0.8.6 - Fix typos. Remove duplicate $db= in uninstall().

0.8.5 - Fix logging of successful uploads.

0.8.4 - Example added to {ParentPage...} notes.

0.8.3 - Improvements to Drag & Drop tool dialogs for automatic upload vs user initiated upload. Fix drop prompt message on small screens. Fix secure site detection.

0.8.2 - Search indexing added for built in documentation block. Tidy up of tui-image-editor dialog. Change icon for drag & drop.

0.8.1 - Templates added to documentation block for end user documentation.

0.8.0 - PRB Submission. Development version. Uploaded for testing tools and writing documentation.

Additional Pages

Each of the snapshot tool blocks are shown below. Uploading images is disabled, so feel free to have a play with each of the tools and think about how your web sites can benefit from them!

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Requires php7+.

See Limitations for guidance on device/browser support for snapshot tools.