Get started with Reviews

Reviews provides blocks for:

  • Review entry
  • Review results
  • Page List by review rating

Before adding reviews blocks to a page, have a look at the dashboard pages for global settings and defaults for the Review Submission and Review Results blocks. If you need similar review entry and display settings across many pages, making your settings globally in the dashboard can save you a lot of time!

Suppoose you want to add reviews to a set of pages, such as product pages or blog posts. You can add a review entry block and/or display block to each of these pages and simply check to 'Use the global settings'. You don't have to, you can set the options for each instance of the block. But using the global settings makes it quicker to set up and much easier to make global changes (though you could also place the blocks in a stack or global area). In the dashboard, make the review subject the 'Current Page'.

Its usually best to experiment with just one or two pages. Add a review entry and review results block anywhere on the pages and check 'Use the global settings' . 

Save and publish, then enter a review to test it works. Once posted you may need to go to the dashboard 'Review Management' page and approve it first. Once appoved, your review will be shown next time the page is loaded.

Page Cache

Review results appearing on a page may be delayed by the page cache. If reviews are held for approval through the dashboard Manage Reviews page, the page cache will likely make no difference.

If you have configured reviews to be approved automatically, the you may want to disable the page cache for pages showing review results.

Review Page List

When reviews are attached to pages, a common use is to list the pages by review rating. The reviews page list block works like the core page list, but with a few options to only show reviewed pages, to show review ratings, and to sort by review rating.

To facilitate this, you need to add a Review Rating attribute to each page and run the Search Index job. The reviews page list then filters by the Review Rating attribute.

Review Rating Attribute

The Review Rating attribute is simply added to a page. There is no attribute data to enter.

Any time that attribute is used, you get the review rating. You can even use it in a Page Attribute Display block.

In the dashboard, the attribute settings allow the attribute to either use the global settings for review summary or to have a summary specific to the attribute.

Review Rating using a Page Attribute Display block

Review Rating Page List

Here we have an example use of the Review Rating Page List. Its just like the core Page List, but extended to work with Review Ratings.

Here are some tips to get you started with adding reviews to your site.

Manage reviews through the reviews dashboard pages

Documentation for review plugins.

Extending the reviews package

Internally, the reviews package is structed using a plugin mechanism. Further plugins can be added directly to the package, by third party packages and in the /application area.

Plugins currently installed on this site are detailed in Review Plugin Documentation.

If you would like to extend the reveiws package, please contact me for details.

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