Version History

Before installing any of my addons, please make sure any of my addons already installed are up-to-date.

Omni Gallery

jl_omni_gallery - v9.1.1 - resources v9.1.2*

ConcreteCMS Marketplace v9.1.1

9.1.1 - Resources updated to v9.1.2. Consolidate folder listing with updated core.

9.1.0 - Resources updated to v9.1.0. Swiper updated to 8.1.4. Fix back compatibility issues introduced by concrete 9.1.

9.0.6 - Survive skewed thumbnail data in v9. Resources updated to 9.0.3.

9.0.5 - New options for Additional Info to accompany image data and attach as an html data attribute.

9.0.4 - Update resources to 9.0.2. Clarify save settings. Automatically clear propagation of view settings option. Improve attribute display.

9.0.3 - Update swiper.js to 8.0.7

9.0.2 - Fix issue with loss of secondary properties when multiple galleries on a page.

9.0.1 - Fix issue with permissions update when multiple front-end users of JtF resources are installed.

9.0.0 - Consolidates addon and resources v9 updates with version numbers from 9.0.0. Import/export further enhanced. Additional Sort options. Panic mode configuration key.

1.9.10 - Extended Import/Export options. Resources updated to 3.0.3.

1.9.9 - Work-round for ConcreteCMS core and php issue with windows path length. Resources updated to 2.19.33.

1.9.8 - Resources updated to 2.19.30.

1.9.7 - Improve picture element image selection when them breakpoints do not map onto thumbnails sizes. Swiper.js updated to 7.3.1.

1.9.6 - Fix trailing comma in t() in CalendarEventListDynamic.

1.9.5 - Fix bug in parallax overlay for Swiper.

1.9.4 - Additional CSS option in Advanced tab. Min image height option for most display widgets. Tighter scope of generated CSS. Fix notification issue on view settings when not logged in. Swiper.js updated to 7.3.0. Parallax option on Swiper display widget. Resources updated to 2.19.29.

1.9.3 - Support for (optional) additional wrapping elements in Information Overlays for most Display Widgets and Magnific lightbox overlay widget.

1.9.2 - Extended support for 3rd party image attributes. Tidy some input fields for v9rc4. Resources updated to v2.19.18.

1.9.1 - Adjustment of edit dialogues. Fix plugin permissions for v9. Improve import/export. Resources updated to v2.19.17.

1.9.0 - Compatibility with concrete v9 and maintaining compatibility with v8. All vendor assets updated to latest releases. New 'cards' animation for Swiper.

1.3.5 - Option for default images when listing anything other than images. Clean up file picker. Remove duplicate detection on overlays, now handled solely by source settings. Fix issue with folder list sort by display order. Fix issue with multiple page lists.

1.3.4 - Update Swiper to v6.7.5. Enhance support version information. Resources updated to 2.14.2.

1.3.3 - Align with new and marketplace. Resources updated to v2.14.0.

1.3.2 - Fix padding propagation between display plugins. Trigger JavaScript event when overlay loads. Fix typos in comments.

1.3.1 - New image selectors for individual Calendar Events and Calendar Event lists. Resources updated to v2.13.11.

1.3.0 - New image selectors for Express items and lists.

1.2.9 - Fix initialisation of resources coupled select control. Resources updated to v2.13.10.

1.2.8 - Enhanced support for using Page List templates. Resources updated to v2.13.9.

1.2.7 - New Vegas Background as the opposite of a lightbox overlay. Support for Omni Gallery Elements. Fix to Magnific lightbox background so alternate colours are honoured.

1.2.6 - Stronger enforcement of lightbox responsive threshold. Trigger JavaScript events when lightbox disabled by responsive threshold.

1.2.5 - Option for target="_blank" in linked gallery items. Fix issue with links to files other than the gallery image.

1.2.4 - Animation options for lightbox overlay open and close (but not for transitions between lightbox content)

1.2.3 - Heading tag in information overlays now selectable from h1..h6, defaulting to h3 for backwards compatibility.

1.2.2 - Settings added for fixing height or aspect ratio of images in lightbox.

1.2.1 - Setting added for lightbox image position within container.

1.2.0 - Extended Description group added to Image Selectors and Display Widgets (for example, use Description with the Image Display and Extended Description with the lightbox). Automated description formatting adapted to better support rich text attributes.  Swiper, Vegas and Lazy Load vendor scripts updated. Resources updated to 2.13.5.

1.1.7 - Resources updated to v2.13.3. Version information provided with support information.

1.1.6 - Update to resources v2.12.5.

1.1.5 - Install dependency for php7+. Update to resources v2.12.14.

1.1.4 - Clarification of label text in Link/Title/Description section of image source dialogs.

1.1.3 - Refactor communication of lightbox data to facilitate inclusion of interactive elements such as More Details links and buttons. Developers of custom display widgets - this may affect your code, please contact me if in doubt.

1.1.2 - Survive missing thumbnail types.

1.1.1 - Fix issue parsing theme CSS to extract breakpoints.

1.1.0 - Image sources for User, User List, Page, Page List - generate image lists from associated attributes.

1.0.3 - Vegas background slider display widget.

1.0.2 - Update Swiper. Manage options within Swiper transitions.

1.0.1 - Adjust edit dialogs to match styles used in UCP. Fix background of info overlay in thumbnail grid when either title or description are not enabled.

1.0 - PRB Approved. Inner padding option (display widgets). User assigned wrapper class; Option to suppress style output (advanced).

0.8.2 - Backport generic controller utilities from UCP to Omni Gallery.

0.8.1 - Fix issue with overlap elements in slider display widget and connection to lightbox overlay.

0.8.0 - PRB review submission

Omni Gallery for Community Store

jl_omni_gallery_community_store - v1.0.1

ConcreteCMS Marketplace v1.0.1

1.0.1 - Fix issue with loss of secondary properties when multiple galleries on a page.

1.0 - Marketplace approval.

0.8.2 - Move <em> into placeholders within t().

0.8.1 - Fix internal logic on parent page filtering.

0.8.0 - PRB review submission and development version to facilitate documentation on this site.

Omni Gallery Elements

jl_omni_gallery_elements - v9.0.0

ConcreteCMS Marketplace v9.0.0

9.0.0 - Consolidates addon v9 updates with version numbers from 9.0.0. New options for Additional Info to accompany image data and attach as an html data attribute.

1.9.2 - Fix missing array reported on update.

1.9.1 - Tighter scope of generated CSS.

1.9.0 - Update for v9 compatibility while maintaining v8 compatibility.

1.1.0 - New display plugins for boxed elements, scaling element to box size. All elements can now be cached.

1.0 - Marketplace approval

0.8.7 - Continuity of many equivalent element options between element display widgets.

0.8.6 - Option to set element context to listed page.

0.8.5 - New facility to set arbitrary scalar parameters for elements.

0.8.4 - Tidy up a few typos.

0.8.3 - Rework filtering of elements available for selection.

0.8.2 - Fix exclusion of elements with hyphens and spaces in the path.

0.8.1 - Clarify element selector. Revise missing element error reporting.

0.8.0 - PRB review version. Requires Omni Gallery v1.2.7.