Attribute Sources

When using Omni Gallery with Page, User or Community Store Product image selectors, the images listed are taken from listed item properties and attributes.

Using just the core image/file attribute type, such as a page thumbnail attribute, the image attribute will then be available to be picked with a checkbox in the image selectors.

Going beyond the core, installing a third party fileset attribute or one of the multiple files attributes makes it easier to attach many images to an item with a single attribute. Most of the attribute type addons listed below are free.

Currently supported attribute types for images are:

With multiple image properties and attributes attached to a single item, you can create a gallery for just one PageUser or Community Store Product ​​​​​​.

Or you can use a 'list' selector to list many items, then for each item list one or more image properties or attributes.

Also with these image selectors Omni Gallery will make many item and image file properties and attributes available for use in image links, names and descriptions. 

The supported image and image listing attributes are configured through the config file value jl_omni_gallery.image_attribute_compatibility in /application/config/jl_omni_gallery.php. This attribute list attribute type handles against Attribute Type Names.


'image_attribute_compatibility' => [
    'image_file' => 'Core - image/file attribute',
    'multi_file_selector' => 'Github - Multi File Selector attribute',
    'multiple_file_selector' => 'Github - Multiple File Selector attribute',
    'multi_html_file_selector' => 'Marketplace - Multi HTML File Selector attribute',
    'pure_multiple_files' => 'Marketplace - Multiple Files attribute',
    'fileset' => 'Marketplace - Fileset attribute',


Omni Gallery can handle attributes that return individual file objects, file IDs, lists of file objects and lists of file IDs.

If you need to configure Omni Gallery to accept further attribute types installed on a site, the first thing to try will be to simply add the attribute type handle to this list in the config file. As long as the attribute type returns a compatible value or values, Omni Gallery will usually adapt to accept it without further modification.