Fixing broken sites

Forcing the Safe view

If you have trouble getting into the the page to edit it, you can hack a configuration value in the file application/config/generated_overrides/safe_html.php and set 'panic' => true. This will render the safe view no matter what, so you can edit the page and fix your faulty html. Remember to reset 'panic'=>false afterwards.

Make every HTML block Safe HTML

If you only discovered Safe HTML after already putting a dodgy script into an HTML block and can't get back by reverting the page version, you can use the Safe block template to create an override of the core HTML block view, so making every HTML block on your site use Safe HTML.

Use FTP or your host control panel to copy

  • /packages/jl_safe_html/blocks/html/templates/safe.php


  • /application/blocks/html/view.php

This will create an override of the core HTML block view making it 'safe'. You can then edit the afflicted pages and use block design to change problematic HTML block's templates to use the Safe template. Once finished, simply delete /application/blocks/html/view.php and your other HTML blocks will revert to the default.

If you need help fixing a site

If you need help fixing a broken site, please contact me to hire me to help fix your site. For simple issues such as a broken HTML block, as resolved by Safe HTML, I can implement the above procedure quickly for a fixed price.