Version History

jl_elephpant_info - v9.0.5

ConcreteCMS Marketplace v9.0.5.0

9.0.5 - Suggestions in filtering. PHP Error Reporting analysis page.

9.0.4 - Doctrine information including types and migrations.

9.0.3 - Provide raw PHP.ini data as an array in the Superglobals section.

9.0.2 - Survive servers that disable some MySQL information schema capabilities.

9.0.1 - Additional pages for $_SUPERGLOBALS.

9.0.0 - php8 compatibility.

7.9.2 - Additional pages for MySQL / MariaDb schema and table information.

7.9.1 - Additional pages for Application, Constants and Config data. Improved data display. In-page search (and the version numbering made a bit more consistent with my other addons).

7.1.9 - Update for v9 compatibility

7.0 - Simple crossover update from pre 5.7 addon.